About the Society

Oman Pathology Society is part of Oman Medical Association concerned in gathering all pathologists under one umbrella. It has been approved on 28th of October 2015. The society board members are:

  • Dr. Ibrahim Al Haddabi ( PRESIDENT)
  • Dr. Hunaina Al Kindi ( VICE PRESIDENT)
  • Dr. Nasser Al Rahbi ( BOARD MEMBER)
  • Dr. Maimuna Al-Saadi (BOARD MEMBER)
  • Dr. Mohammed AL Masqari ( BOARD MEMBER)

The main objectives of our society are:

  • Organize workshops, conferences for all staffs (resident, pathologists, laboratory BMS).
  • Discuss on annual basis the different aspects of the development of histopathology diagnostic services in Oman.
  • Develop and promote linkages in the field of pathology with countries in the Gulf Region and other parts of the world.
  • Encourage research activity among residents, histopathologists and laboratory personnel.

There are many activities done by our society like:

  • Organizing conferences and workshops.
  • Annual meeting for social gathering and scientific topics presentation in the field of pathology.
  • Inviting a regional speaker in any subspecialty in our annual meeting.
  • Discuss policies and guidelines related to pathology services in Oman and put recommendations.